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Welcome to Oxford Allergy Clinic

Oxford Allergy Clinic is a specialised private allergy clinic based in Oxford. This clinic provides clinical consultation and an allergy testing service with the aim of providing an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan for managing your allergy.

People with allergies have an immune system that reacts to a harmless substance in the environment. This substance (food, dust, pet hair, insect venom, drug, etc) is called an allergen.

The single most important clinical intervention in allergy is to establish a correct diagnosis. Only when the correct diagnosis has been made is it possible to advice patients in the appropriate and effective management of their allergy.
The key to diagnosing an allergy is by taking a detailed clinical history. Further allergy testing is based on a good history. With the aid of allergy testing it may be possible to confirm the allergy. Only once this has been done can the patient be advised on allergen avoidance measures and appropriate treatment options can be provided for the safe management of any future reactions.

At times non-allergic conditions like spontaneous urticaria/angioedema or food intolerances may be mistaken for an allergy. At Oxford Allergy Clinic patients can be given advice how to distinguish and manage these conditions.
Contact Us
d Oxford Private Dermatology
Dermatology Department,Churchill Hospital,
Old Road, Headington Oxford OX3 7LE
Timings-Tuesday 3-5 PM
Nuffield Health The Manor Hospital
Beech Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7RP
Timings-Wednesday 9-11 AM