The Consultation


The average visit to our clinic, including the consultation and allergy testing, lasts approximately 40 minutes. During the consultation a detailed history is taken and, if appropriate, skin prick tests or blood tests are performed in order to establish an accurate diagnosis. The results of the skin prick tests are available immediately while those of blood tests may take up to a week or more. Once the diagnosis is established, a letter with the diagnosis and a detailed management plan is sent directly to you with a copy to your general practitioner (unless you request otherwise). Most patients require a single visit to our clinic.

Preparation for the consultation

You will need to refrain from taking antihistamines for 5 days prior to the appointment. If for any reason you cannot stop taking antihistamines, please still attend your appointment as alternative tests can be performed.

If you suspect a food allergy as being the cause of your symptoms, please bring small, fresh, uncooked samples of the foods you suspect (maximum of 5) to the clinic.

If you have any clinical questions relating to your appointment please contact us on: ox[email protected]

The following is a list of allergies that we can help diagnose:

Allergic rhinitis



Chronic spontaneous urticaria

Drug allergy

Food allergy

Food intolerance

Hay fever (seasonal rhinitis)

Insect allergy

Latex allergy